WHAT WE OFFERPersonalized and comprehensive
estate planning

WHO WE AREWe look at estate planning differently

We believe in listening first. Proper estate planning is not “one size fits all”, which means that we tailor each plan to meet the specific needs of our individual clients. Knowledge, compassion and the desire to help, are the cornerstones to what we deliver.



Renowned for the quality of work of the lawyers.

Michelle Ogata

Having experienced the unexpected death of her father at the age of 12, Michelle understood at an
early age the importance of planning for the loss of a loved one.  For Michelle’s mother, losing her
husband was tough enough, but at the age of 39, having to raise two young children with no planning
and little guidance made it even tougher.  From her mid-teens and on, Michelle attended meetings with
her mother and her mother’s estate planning attorney.  She knew that the type of planning her mother
did was there to protect her and her sister, and to ensure that things went smoothly should something
happen to her mother.  Michelle may not have fully understood her mother’s estate plan, but she knew
it gave her mother peace of mind.  This was the foundation of Michelle’s desire to be an estate planning


Diane Agor

Diane was born and raised in Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu. She attended the University of Hawaii at
Manoa where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Diane knew from an early age that she desired a
career which involved helping people. After much deliberation she decided to attend law school as she
believed it was a perfect means to help her achieve her personal and professional goals. In her career,
Diane has represented corporations (large and small), government agencies, high level management
personnel, and individuals. It has been Diane’s work with everyday people that has brought her the most
personal satisfaction. She is proud to have assisted individuals fight for their legal rights against large
companies trying to take advantage of them.


Stacy Takekawa

Stacy was born on Oahu and raised in Kailua. Stacy grew up in a household with her grandparents and
understands what a priceless experience that was and how it has helped to shape the person she has
become. During Stacy’s first year of law school she was living at home with her family when her
grandfather began to significantly decline while suffering from vascular dementia. Stacy experienced
first-hand what it is like to watch a loved one decline and the toll that took on the rest of her family.
Grandpa was able to live out the remainder of his life in the home he had lived in since the 1960s. Stacy
has seen the dramatic difference a person’s environment during their end-of-life care can have on their
overall well-being, and she is grateful that her family was prepared enough to allow Grandpa and
Grandma to remain in their home. Stacy is hopeful that through her practice she can assist clients with
their estate planning to facilitate an easier transition through incapacity and death so that their families
can spend their time and energy focusing on their loved ones.


Shirley Uyeoka-Yoshimoto

Shirley was born and raised on Oahu, and is the youngest of four children. After graduating from college,
Shirley had the fortunate opportunity to pursue her interest in law, and join an estate planning law firm
in Honolulu. In addition to estate planning, Shirley assisted with the firm’s estate litigation. It was truly
heartbreaking for her to see clients and their family members in legal battles over inheritance,
determining a loved one’s incapacity, and who should be appointed to serve as a loved one’s guardian
or conservator. No matter what the outcome was, in the end, their relationships with each other were
never the same. Shirley saw the heartache and problems that could occur without having a proper estate plan in place. As a result, her passion for estate planning developed, as she came to understand
its immense value and the peace of mind it provides to clients.


Irene Tamashiro

Irene was born at Kuakini Medical Center and raised in Kaneohe where she enjoyed sewing flower leis during her high school years. After graduating from Castle High School, she worked at Kuakini Medical Center for over 25 years as a kidney center ward clerk and at the credit union as a loan officer. She started her legal career as a receptionist at Stubenberg and Durrett in 2000, and later moved to Est8Planning Counsel LLLC as a legal secretary.  For several years thereafter, she worked in the medical field, before returning to the legal field at Estate Planning Partners.

Irene enjoys spending time with family and friends and watching Korean dramas.


Wendy Vergara

Wendy was born in Honolulu and raised in Windward Oahu. She attended Honolulu Community College and graduated with an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. Since 2007, Wendy worked in the legal field as a legal assistant/paralegal in estate planning, probate and trust administration.  She left the legal field in late 2017 to work at a local non-profit where she honed her passion for helping others, especially seniors.  Wendy returned to the legal field when she was given the opportunity to work with Michelle, whom she worked with previously.

Wendy enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as volunteering for local nonprofits. She particularly enjoys bonding with her husband over early morning workouts, evening runs, and golfing with friends.


Aaron Ogata

Aaron is accomplished in the fields of business development and sales and marketing and over the years
he has found success in various business ventures. His true passion has always been helping others and
servicing the needs of his clients in a creative goal driven fashion. When the opportunity arose to share
in his wife’s dream of starting her own estate planning law practice, Aaron was excited to lend his skill
set to her business, whose primary focus is to help local families achieve a sense of peace of mind
through personalized estate planning.