Our practice is focused on estate planning and administration only

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” ~ Napoleon Hill


Practice AreasTrust & Estate Administration

We often meet with families, who have lost loved ones and are in need of guidance and assistance.  Most people may only have to administer a trust or an estate once or twice in their lifetime, and after a loved one passes away, it’s the last thing anyone wants to worry about.  We are here to help families understand the terms of a trust or a will and what to do after a person passes away.  This process is called Trust or Estate Administration.

At Estate Planning Partners, we advise trustees and personal representatives (“fiduciaries”) regarding their numerous duties and responsibilities and help them to manage multiple, important deadlines.  As a fiduciary, there is potential liability for our client, and we provide guidance for avoiding circumstances where our client could be held personally liable for mismanagement of the trust or estate.

Educating our clients about the tasks involved, and assisting them in making informed decisions about the necessary steps to properly administer the trust is key.  We are there to complete work for our clients, such as recordkeeping, management of different types of assets, dealing with creditors, locating and contacting the beneficiaries of the trust or will, and with providing all of the required information to those beneficiaries.  Further, we will coordinate with other professionals, such as financial advisors, appraisers, realtors, and other professionals to ensure the smooth administration of assets.

The process of administering a person’s estate or trust can involve wading through a web of unfamiliar legal jargon, navigating state and federal laws, and following the terms of trusts or wills, all of which are usually new territories for most people.  As your attorneys, it is our job to guide you through the process and to rely on our experience to help you move through the administration efficiently and competently, and to help to make the process as painless as possible along the way.